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  1. GetWord is a very powerful text capturing library in the world.

  2. It is much cheaper and time-efficient to order a matured library compared with developing one by yourself.

  3. It's very easy to incorporate our library into your existing applications.

  4. We provide high quality, well-designed and thoroughly tested components that are being used by lots of companies all around the world.

  5. Registration price includes free e-mail and phone technical support, service packs and all minor upgrades. Our technical support team handles most of issues within two business days*.

  6. Unlike other text capturing library, our products are not static. We are constantly developing new versions, so that you can always keep your application compatible with the new software systems!

  7. We release new minor versions constantly, which contains additional fresh features and fixes.

  8. The complete source code can be also ordered if you feel it necessary.

  9. Our library do not require any run-time royalty fees for Unlimited Site License and Full Source Code License.

  10. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We appreciate your suggestions and take them into consideration for inclusion in futures releases.

(*) for Unlimited Site License and Full Source Code License registration only. Standard License will be second priority.

We have special preferential price for our old customers who have ordered Unlimited Site License or Full Source Code License. Please click here to see the details.
Latest version
GetWord v5 (for Window OS, 32-bit & 64-bit)

Standard License

Number of licenses Price/License
1 license US $175.50
2-9 licenses US $99.50
10-24 licenses US $45.50
25-99 licenses US $25.50
100+ licenses US $12.50

Unlimited Site License

Number of licenses Price
Unlimited US $3750.00

Full Source Code License

Number of licenses Price
Unlimited  Contact Sales
Upgrade from GetWord v4.x to v5.x

Standard License Upgrade

Unlimited Site License Upgrade

Number of licenses Price
Unlimited $400.00 USD

Full Source Code License Upgrade

Number of licenses Price
Unlimited  Contact Sales


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Each Registered user will be receiving all minor updates, bug fixes and technical support for the registered version for FREE within one year. The major updates need to pay necessary upgrade fees, and the total fee does not exceed the difference between the two major versions.

Upon registration, you should receive within two business days the registered version download location, password and registration number.

Shipping by the postal mail is not available.

Please read Sales FAQ for more information.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department

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